Butterfly Daisy Sanctuary

Welcome to Butterfly Daisy Sanctuary, a haven born out of our deep concern for the declining population of monarch butterflies and other native pollinators.

In October 2021, we took a significant step towards addressing this concern by establishing Butterfly Daisy Nursery. Our mission is clear – to provide a haven of healthy and safe Milkweed for monarch caterpillars and a rich source of nectar to nourish all our precious pollinators.

As a testament to our commitment, Butterfly Daisy Nursery is proud to be a licensed establishment recognized by the Florida Department of Agricultural, Monarch Waystation, and we hold a USDA Permit P526.

Our focus extends beyond nurturing plants; we are dedicated to education, conservation, and research concerning our vital pollinators. At Butterfly Daisy, we’ve chosen the Monarch Butterfly as our model to delve into the intricate relationships between host and nectar plants.

To spread awareness and share our passion, we host special events and actively engage in building gardens that serve as sanctuaries for our pollinators.

At the heart of Butterfly Daisy Sanctuary is a genuine love for all our pollinators, with a special fondness for our non-migrating monarch butterflies. We extend an open invitation for you to come, visit, and learn alongside us. Together, let’s explore the collective actions we can take to preserve and protect our essential pollinators. Join us at Butterfly Daisy, where every visit is an opportunity to discover, appreciate, and contribute to the flourishing world of our winged friends.

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