Butterfly Daisy Sanctuary

We established Butterfly Daisy Nursery in 2021 because of our concern with the decline of monarch butterflies and other native pollinators.

In October of 2021, I decided to start a business Butterfly Daisy Nursery I want to provide healthy safe milkweed for the monarch caterpillars and nectar which provides food to all our pollinators.

We are a licensed nursery with the Florida Department of Agricultural, Monarch Waystation, and USDA Permit P526.

Dedicated to education, conservation, and research of our important pollinators. We study the host and nectar plant relationships of pollinators using the Monarch Butterfly as our model.

We hold special events and build a garden.

Here at Butterfly Daisy, we love all our pollinators and especially our non-migrating monarch butterflies! We encourage you to come to visit and learn with us. Let’s see what we all can do to save our pollinators.

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